ArtSpin™ has been operating as an art studio and art publisher since 2002, and is owned by a quietly anonymous, late-50s traditional designer/artist with a childlike curiosity about the world. I'm now exploring how to use digital tools to create abstract, vintage, edgy works across multiple genres and themes. I go where my curiosity takes me. I create what I need to create. I sell my prints on Vsual.

For me, art is simply an expression of what I'm feeling when I see something, whether in the real world or my (weird) head. I rarely fix "mistakes" in my artwork, because I find those little accidents and imperfections part of the process and they give the art character.

I explore a variety of styles that excite or challenge me, and learn with everything I do. I play with vintage looks, abstract representations of things, fantastic or quiet landscapes, flowers and trees that have never existed, moonlight, warm dawns and cool sunsets, edgy architecture, the strange, and do a few figurative works as well.

I enjoy, but don't limit myself to, the square format, and my art is intended to be smaller in scale. For example, the pieces below were drawn and painted with the intent to look their best between 12" and 18" square.